Ep. 44 – Dana Carrubba: A Millennial Who Found Creative Fulfillment After Shifting Her Career Aspirations

Dana Carrubba sits down with Joe to talk about her unique Millennial life.  Dana and Joe hit the ground running with conversations about the internet, OCD, Game of Thrones and the modern media landscape.  After that, Dana talks to Joe about a big turning point in her college experience when she realized she didn’t want to be an accountant.  She then tells Joe what led her to web applications development and how she finds it creative.  Dana also tells Joe about her dream to start a craft beer business with her father.  Lastly, Dana offers her hopes for the future.

Ep. 43 – Cameron Shapiro: A Millennial Who Confidently Uprooted to NYC to Pursue Show Business

Cameron Shapiro sits down with Joe to talk about his unique Millennial life. Cameron talks to Joe about having parents who never married and often lived in different parts of the country, dealing with being diagnosed with ADHD and having to take HGH because of entering puberty later than normal.  He also talks about taking a job at the Imrpov in West Palm, Florida after leaving college after two years, which inspired him to move to NYC to pursue comedy. Cameron talks about his experiences in NYC and how he managed to be accepted into the Institute for American Musical Theater.  Lastly, Cameron offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 42 – Evan Samlin: A Millennial Who’s Existential Questions Are Alleviated by Philosophy and Comedy

Evan Samlin sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Evan talks about pursuing comedy since graduating college by doing stand-up and improv in NYC.  He offers his earliest memories of comedy and attempting to be funny and why it had such an impact on him.  He also talks about struggling with existential and spiritual questions throughout his life and how majoring in philosophy in college helped him to attempt to formulate his own unique understanding everything.  Lastly, Evan offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 41 – Kevin McMichael: A Millennial Who Hopes to Only Be Temporarily Neglecting His Creative Inclinations

Kevin McMichael sits down with Joe to talk about his unique Millennial Life.  They reminisce about making videos together in high school and Kevin talks about the reasons that inspired him to do so.  He then talks about the reasons he decided to not major in something creative in college, attending college in Boston, and being in Boston for significant occurrences such as the Boston Marathon bombing.  Kevin also talks about currently working in accounting and how he has continued to flex his creative muscles by writing and learning to play the drums.  Lastly, Kevin offers his hopes for the future.