Ep. 31 – Brian O’Hara: A Millennial Overcoming His Fear of Change

Brian O’Hara sits down with Joe to talk about his unique Millennial life.  Brian is one of Joe’s oldest friends; however, in recent years, their friendship has not been as strong as it once was.  Throughout this conversation, they talk about why that happened and where their relationship is at now.  Joe talks to Brian about how hearing of the recent passing of Brian’s dad helped him realize the importance of rebuilding their friendship. Brian tells Joe how such an unexpected loss has prompted him to try to overcome his fear of change.  Lastly, Brian offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 30 – Mr. Keith Brady: A Millennial Educator With Reverence for the Younger People of His Generation

Mr. Keith Brady sits down with Joe and talks about his unique millennial life. Mr. Brady, who taught at Joe’s high school while he attended and still continues to, may not fully identify as a millennial even though he falls within the birthdate age range. Mr. Brady talks to Joe about generational family dynamics and what led him to education. He also gives his opinion on what he finds encouraging and discouraging about Millennials. He also offers financial and broader advice to people in there twenties. Lastly, he offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 29 – Mostafa Elhaggar & Kyle Veltre return

Mostafa Elhaggar and Kyle Veltre sit down with Joe and return to that Millennial Life.  Throughout their conversation they talk about their naïveté about politics and the role a government should play in society, what two people they each would want to have accompany them on a yacht, the significant checkpoints in life they each are most anxious to encounter, why they think parents love their children so much and why they think podcasts are so great.

Ep. 28 – Lexie Pérez-Grüber: A Millennial Who Feels Inclined to Fight for What She Believes

Lexie Pérez-Grüber sits down with Joe and talks about her unique Millennial life.  Joe and Lexie address criticism that Joe expressed toward her in a previous podcast.  They have a civil conversation about Lexie’s experience in the foster-care system, what led her to choose Quinnipiac University, how she now views her college experience, what compels her to offer her opinion about social issues on social media, what her intentions are and how she attempts to go about communicating her opinion with the hope of educating.  Joe also asks Lexie her thought’s on a philosophical concept referred to as ‘the paradox of tolerance.’  Lastly, Lexie offers her hopes for the future.