Ep. 27 – DJ Mahoney: A Millennial Who’s College Experience Fostered His Higher-Education Career Aspirations

DJ Mahoney sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  DJ talks to Joe about growing up in New York, what he was like in high school, and why he initially wasn’t planning on going to college.  He then talks about his college experience, how it had a positive effect on him and how it fostered a desire to pursue a career in higher-education.  Also, he talks about his graduate school experience in California and about beginning his career.  Lastly, DJ offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 26 – Stephanie Damiano: A Millennial Model & Actress, Poised to Continue Her Success

Stephanie Damiano sits down with Joe and talks about her unique Millennial Life.  Stephanie talks to Joe about how she started a career in modeling after being scouted at a dance completion in 7th grade.  She shares with Joe some of the notable experiences she’s had in the industry.  She also talks about how she balanced her modeling career with her college education.  Lastly, Steph offers her hopes for the future.  Also, Joe gives his opinion on ‘political correctness,’ and it’s association to Millennials and contemporary college students.  He also offers his opinion on controversial issues involving ‘political correctness’ that have happened at Quinnipiac University.

Ep. 25 – Ryan Afflitto: A Millennial Who Forwent Comfort to Cofound a Digital Marketing Start-Up

Ryan Afflitto sits down with Joe to talk to him about his unique Millennial life.  Ryan tells Joe about forgoing the “comfortable decision” of  taking a sales job in NYC to help cofound a digital marketing start-up instead.  He shares with Joe how the company has evolved since it’s inception and what he foresees for the company’s future. Then, Ryan has a session with Joe about how to market his podcast.  Joe and Ryan talk about a story involving Millennials’ support of Donald Trump that was recently in the news.  Lastly, Ryan offers his hopes for the future.