Ep. 24 – Mike Mee: A Millennial Committed to Pursue His Love of Filmmaking

Mike Mee sits down with Joe Kohle and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Mike talks to Joe about how he got interested in filmmaking and why he is committed to pursuing it as a career.  He shares with Joe some of his experiences as a production assistant on the sets of films and television shows.  He then tells Joe about a film he is co-directing called ‘Epidemic H’ about the heroin epidemic in New Jersey.  Mike and Joe also talk about their thoughts on the Oscars.  Lastly, Mike shares with Joe his hopes for the future.

Ep. 23 – Millennial Phone-Call Medley

On this week’s episode, Joe calls up different Millennials on the phone. First, he talks to his college roommate Ben Saad who uprooted to LA to see how he’s handling such a significant move. Next, he calls his friend Brielle Kievit to talk to her about the stress she’s experiencing in her last semester of undergrad. Then Joe calls his friend, Greg Hayes, who talks about how he’s enjoying a life of independence in Boston. After that Joe calls his friend from Student Government, Mike Podias, and asks him about how he’s handling his fifth year at college as a ‘super-senior.’ Also, Joe gets his friend Tammy Nguyen on the phone to ask her how she’s handling PT grad school. Then Joe catches up with his friend, John Muzzy, who talks about the ‘whirlwind’ of the three years of his post-college experience. Joe also gets one of his closest female friends Hannah Russell on the phone to talk about experiences she’s had working as a nurse. Lastly, Joe talks to past guest Charlie Doe!

Ep. 22 – Lucas Oliveira: A Millennial Fascinated With Crunching the Numbers of Life

Lucas Oliveira sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial Life.  Lucas tells Joe about being born in Switzerland, moving to the USA at the age of five and what it is was like assimilating into the culture at a young age.  Lucas shares with Joe the genesis of his love for the financial market and attempts to explain to Joe the entire history of fraudulent financial activity.  Lucas also graciously shares the challenge of assimilating into post-college life, mainly due to the death of his father during his senior year of college.  Lastly, Lucas offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 21 – Kayla Lombardo: A Millennial Journalist Who’s a Dedicated Advocate for Female Athletes

Kayla Lombardo sits down with Joe and talks about her unique Millennial life.  Joe catches up with Kayla, having not seen her since high school graduation.  Kayla talks about growing up with only a single parent present, her father, and how that molded her into the person that she is.  She then discusses her journey through college at Fordham University, playing softball as a D1 athlete and why that was such a special experience for her.  Kayla also talks to Joe about her job with Sports Illustrated.  Lastly, Kayla shares her hopes to journalistically advocate for female athletes, as well as her other hopes for the future.

Ep. 20 – Ben Kohle: A Millennial With a Big Future, Big Body and Even Bigger Heart

Ben Kohle sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Joe’s twin brother, Ben, finally walks across the hall to talk to Joe about family, growing up and how they are different from each other.  Ben also talks about the college football recruitment process and why he decided to transfer from Albright College to Montclair State University. Ben also discusses the arduousness of becoming a police officer.  Joe and Ben also discuss the origins of their mutual fandom of LeBron James and Joe quizzes Ben on where the 2016 NBA All-Stars went to college.  Ben also offers his hopes for the future.