Ep. 19 – Jason Sullivan: A Millennial Who Beat Cancer, Ready for a Future That Looks Bright

Jason Sullivan sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Jason talks about growing up and how he was different in high school than he was in college.  Jason also graciously tells the story of how he found out that he had cancer, what led to him being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and how going through it affected him on a physical and psychological level.  Jason also shares the story of how he proposed to his long-time girlfriend and what being engaged is like.  Jason also offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 18 – Kevin Gilmartin: A Millennial World-Traveler Looking for Adventure / Mostafa Elhaggar returns

Kevin Gilmartin sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Joe catches up with Kevin who tells him about working abroad for a company called the Oxford Business Group. Kevin reminisces about how traveling a lot as a child may have instilled in him a desire to have a career that involved international affairs. Kevin talks about the experiences he has had and the work that he has done in the different countries that he has spent time in, such as Rwanda, Qatar, Jordan and Nigeria. Kevin also offers his hopes for the future. Also, Mostafa Elhaggar returns for a quick talk about the benefits of being in the moment.

Ep. 17 – Anthony Minniti: A Millennial, Intellectually Curious, with Hope for His Generation’s Future

Anthony Minniti sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Anthony, being out of college for a few years, tries to reassure Joe that the nostalgic longing for college eventually dissipates and that the ‘real world’ gets easier with time.  Anthony talks about how he was different from before and after college.  Anthony also discusses his current career in accounting and what he hopes to do in accounting in the future.  Anthony also offers his hopes for his personal future, the future of our generation and for the future of society.

Ep. 16 – Ben Cloutier: A Millennial Who Confidently Jettisoned an Opportunity to Fulfill a Life-Long Dream

Ben Cloutier sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Ben and Joe reminisce about their shared college experiences, getting to know each other through Student Government Association, of which Ben was the president his junior and senior year.  Ben talks about taking on too much responsibility during his senior year of undergrad and what he learned about the best way to budget his time.  Ben then discusses attending law school at George Washington University after undergrad and why he ultimately decided to drop out after a semester.  Ben shares that he currently works at State Street, a custody bank, and that although he constantly thinks about the future, he is unsure of what the future holds, but hopes to pursue his passions.