Ep. 15 – Sam DeVito: A Millennial Dedicated to Helping People in Need

Sam DeVito sits down with Joe and she talks about her unique Millennial life.  Sam talks about the history of her involvement and employment with Operation Smile, a nonprofit organization that performs surgeries on children in developing countries.  She discusses with Joe how she’s dealt with recently moving from New Jersey to Virginia to work for Operation Smile full-time.  Sam and Joe also discuss both being twins and Sam talks about going to college with her identical twin and what it’s been like being away from her since moving to Virginia.  Sam also discusses how she thinks she grew from her college experience.  Lastly, Sam offers her hopes and goals for the future.

Ep. 14 – Chris Gerardi: A Millennial With a Precocious, Traditional & Hilarious View on the World

Chris Gerardi sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial Life.  In talking about a wide array of topics, Joe has never laughed more throughout an interview.  Chris talks to Joe about his unique family situation and losing members of his family.  Chris also talks about how he’s starting a new job in January.  Chris also discusses with Joe memories from high school, college, the difficulty of meeting and hitting on women, wanting to eventually start a family, social media, the environment and politics.  Chris also talks about being different than a lot of other young people and what he dislikes and likes about our generation.  Lastly, Chris offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 13 – Ryan Bria: A Millennial Hoping to Use the Music in His Soul to Help the World

Ryan Bria sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial Life.  Ryan talks about growing up in a household where music was always present and how that helped to spark his love for music.  He also discusses how he got to a place to be comfortable enough in himself to write his own music.  Ryan and Joe talk about what frustrates them about their generation’s relationship with music.  Ryan also graciously shares how the loss of his brother inspired him to pursue a career in music.  Lastly, Ryan offers his hopes for the future.