Ep. 6 – Lindsey Banks: A Millennial Gracefully Overcoming a Life-Long Identity Crisis

Lindsey Banks sits down with Joe and talks about her unique Millennial Life. Lindsey talks about how she’s dealing with being a senior in college by using the mindset of focusing on the present. She then talks about her childhood, being of mixed-race, and how not having a specific racial categorization affected her during her adolescence. She also graciously shares how she came to terms with her sexuality growing up and how going to college helped her in that process. She then shares her excitement for the legalization of same-sex marriage. Lastly, Joe challenges Lindsey to recognize the unique voice that she has and Lindsey offers how she hopes to use that moving forward and what her hopes for the future are.

Ep. 5 – Scott Chaplain: A Millennial Comedian on the Rise

Scott Chaplain sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life. Scott Chaplain is an up and coming stand-up comic in the New York comedy scene and talks to Joe about some of the success he has found so far in his career. Scott and Joe reminisce about growing up as next-door neighbors and recall some mutual memories they have from their childhoods. Joe also picks Scott’s brain about all things comedy, including Scott’s comedic influences growing up, what initially compelled him to try comedy and some other aspects of Scott’s comedic process. Also, Scott generously shares with Joe why he took a temporary break from comedy after his father passed away and what it has been like getting back on stage since. Lastly, Scott offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 4 – Charlie Doe: A Millennial Poised for the Post-College Adjustment

Charlie Doe sits down and talks to Joe about his unique Millennial life. Charlie talks about how he’s dealing with post-graduation life. He then talks about moving around a lot as a child and how he learned to adapt to constantly being the new kid. Charlie also shares his thoughts on how people’s perspective can be a driving force for somebody’s success. He also talks about his thoughts on his faith. Charlie and Joe reminisce about hosting a late-night talk show in college. Lastly, Charlie offers his hopes for the future.

Ep. 3 – Joey Mullaney: A Millennial Inspirationally Overcoming Hardship

Joey Mullaney sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial life.  Joey has Friedreich’s Ataxia, a debilitating, life-shortening, degenerative neuro-msucular disorder that confines him to a wheel chair.  Joey talks about gaining media attention for a video he was featured in to help promote an event called rideATAXIA that he is helping to put on in Hamden, Connecticut.  Joey talks to Joe about how his disease affects his outlook on life, hardship being relative, his hopes for a cure and his hopes for the future.

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