Ep. 2 – Zach Van Wingerden: A Millennial Horticulturalist Ready to Continue His Family’s Legacy

Zach Van Wingerdan sits down with Joe and talks about his unique American Millennial upbringing.  They talk about Zach’s family’s horticulture business, growing up living on his family’s private property, being a part of the Dutch Reformed Church, going to a Dutch reformed private school and how all of this made him feel like he grew up in a bubble.  They also talk about Zach growing up without cable and what he did as a child to occupy his time.  Zach also opens up about how growing up has changed his perspective on certain things.  Finally, Zach and Joe talk about their shared love of movies and Zach offers his hopes for the future of his business.

Ep. 1 – Mostafa Elhaggar: A Millennial American-Muslim Who Utilized His Uniqueness to His Advantage

Mostafa Elhaggar sits down with Joe and talks about his unique Millennial upbringing as a result of him being an immigrant from Egypt. They talk about Mostafa’s Arabic roots, Islamic faith, and how being an Arab American ultimately caused him to feel somewhat isolated from both cultures growing up. They also discuss how 9/11 affected him and his family, his thoughts on the genesis of ISIS, his parent’s divorce and whether that has affected his thoughts on the legitimacy of love, his thoughts on technology and his hopes for the future.